Workshops just for you!

Our team is experienced in holding creative and team-building workshops through the concept of upcycling and creative recycling. We provide the design, planning and execution of the workshops in a location of your choice. If you would like to receive a proposition for a workshop for your company or institution, feel free to get in touch! Just let us know your needs and requirements, and our team will create a personalized workshop just for you.

Workshops for architects and designers
Creative Workshops
5 Applications of Transfodesign
Upcycling construction debris
Re-vamping Paramithias
Would you like to Transfointeriorize
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Kids Workshops
Gift.ed Transformational Workshops
Don't trash it, Bag it!
Waste = Food
Teambuilding upcycling workshop
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Redecorate your Christmas
Ideas for ecological party
Recycling workshop for kids 3 to 99
Redesign Wonderland workshop
Make your bag workshop
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