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Summer School 2023

From TransfoLAB BCN we propose a different summer full of objects and creativity. We will learn manufacturing techniques used in different contexts and with a variety of materials. The main focus will be on the circular economy. Each week we will deal with different topics and techniques (architecture, jewelry, carpentry, textiles and upcycling) with an expert tutor on the subject. We will explore the city through architecture, tell our stories with jewelry, experiment with textiles and colors, work with wood, and discover the wonderful world of discarded objects. Every week we will visit a relevant space (Design Hub, La Fabrica del Sol, Biciclot, professional joinery workshop, etc.), and one day we will go to the beach. At the end of each week we will make an exhibition with all our creations. We will work in a small group to be able to offer maximum care and security, led by the tutor and an assistant.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan and English

Place: C/ Ciutat de Granada 71 bajos, 08005 Barcelona 

Dates: 26th of June to 28th of July

Activity hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:30

Capacity: min 8, max 10 children

Age: 7 to 12 years

Price: 205 €/week

Meal supplement: 35€ (lunch is not included in the price and each child can bring its own lunchbox. Alternatively, we offer a posibily to arrange the meals ourselves with an additional supplement.)

Application period: 06th of April to 20th of June

The registration can be done online by filling the form. We offer 5% discount for siblings. 


26 - 30.06.2023

Fantastic World of Fabrication with Recycled Materials

The first week of our casal will be full of recovered materials and manufacturing. Each day we will treat a different type of material, with the focus on creative recycling and “upcycling”. We will talk about waste, the manufacture and use of conscious materials, sustainable unions, digital manufacturing and the machines of "Precious Plastics". We will learn how to design objects following a creative process and we will use different transformation techniques to be able to manufacture different products from the treated material. We will work with remains of wood, metal material, bicycle parts, discarded plastic and natural materials. On Tuesday and Wednesday we will visit Biciclot and the Fábrica del Sol. At the end of the week we will have five finished objects to take home.

MONDAY - Trash safari and freestyle creation
TUESDAY - visit to Biciclot (bicycle self-repair workshop) and work with bicycle waste
WEDNESDAY - visit to the Fábrica del Sol (introduction to digital technologies related to plastic) and morning at the beach. Work with plastic waste and press Precious Plastics
THURSDAY - work with wood waste and organic waste, and natural paint
FRIDAY - work with metal waste



Nada Tozija is one of the founders of TransfoLAB BCN. An architect by vocation, Nada has a Master's degree in Business and International Trade from the University of Orleans, France, and a Master's in the Independent Studies Program from MACBA and UAB. Her international experience ranges from short stays in Tunisia, Brazil and Wales, urban development projects in the United States, villa design in Mallorca and building and interior design projects in Macedonia. Having had experience in contemporary design and production practices, she showed an interest in sustainable and ecological design, the circular economy and the transformation/reuse of objects and materials, and in turn, manufacturing. Apart from TransfoLAB BCN, she co-founded the Transfodesign studio. 

Up to date, Nada has collaborated with various universities and schools, primary and secondary, giving classes and workshops on creative recycling and manufacturing. The last of these were in the La Llacuna del Poblenou and La Mar Bella primary schools. Furthermore, as part of TransfoLAB BCN, she is about to embark on a joint project with partners from Portugal and Turkey, on electronic waste in primary and secondary schools.​

arquininos difusion6.jpg
arquininos difusion9_edited_edited.jpg

03 - 07.07.2023

City Explorers

Let's play and discover together. How to be a city explorer? Inspired by the work of the artist Keri Smith, we are going to go day by day through different artistic and play activities, discovering the city and the spaces that surround us. We are going to put our creativity into action and enjoy a week of active exploration, doing safaris, drawing, playing at being architects and building with recycled materials.

MONDAY - How to be a great explorer? - Creation of the exploration log
TUESDAY - My box of curiosities - Safari to Ciudadella park
WEDNESDAY My favorite street - Let's make a map together and create with the pop-up technique
THURSDAY - How to solve a mystery? - Excursion to the beach
FRIDAY -My recycled city - We are going to build a model of our imagined city together


Tamara Ianowski is an Architect and Art Mediator. She has developed as an independent professional for 20 years and is the creator and director of Arquiniñ@s: Socio-educational project that since 2014 teaches architecture workshops for girls and children as a tool for social transformation. Since she discovered the universe that links architecture and childhood, and all its possibilities for play and exploration of the space with the little ones, she dedicated himself to training and specializing in the field. She has lived in Barcelona since 2019 where she teaches workshops in multiple spaces during all year, libraries, civic centers, cultural centers and private spaces. Participates in the architecture week organized by the COAC (College of Architects of Catalunya) giving workshops in schools in the city. @arquinino

Penny 2.jpeg

10 - 14.07.2023

Following the thread of the clothes

With this series of activities, dedicated to the world of textiles, we want to learn about how our clothes are made, refer to ancient knowledge based on stories from our families and reflect on sustainability and environmental impact. Through practical activities we are going to learn basic concepts of the circular economy, how we can extend the life of our clothes by combining traditional and new knowledge and give value to the residue that can be used to create new things. We will work with old clothes, we will learn through sensory exercises and various materials and we will transform clothes by applying new technologies, to play with fun designs. In addition, we will visit workshops and the Ateneu de la Fábrica de Sol to learn about digital tools, such as the digital embroiderer and the laser cutter.

MONDAY - How did grandma do it?
TUESDAY How do we design with waste?
WEDNESDAY - The life cycle of our clothes
THURSDAY - We design and repair our garments
FRIDAY - Colors and waste


Penny Papachristodoulou is a textile designer and researcher with a multidisciplinary career that extends from academic to professional fields. She has collaborated and implemented artistic and educational projects on interaction design for exhibitions and institutions (UPF, DHUB), promoting critical thinking. In the last few years, she has launched her own textile brand with the main focus on research on sustainability, circular economy and materials. Since 2020 she has worked in Barcelona and Greece on socio-educational and environmental projects at the intersection between design, art and culture, focusing on the need to claim crafts  and artisanal processes towards a more sustainable world (ICUB Awards, Bithabitat, Lesvos Solidarity, Centre d'Art Santa Mònica).

Stephanie 2.jpg

17 - 21.07.2023

“It’s Hammer Time!”

In this week-long class, students will be learning a variety of jewelry and metalsmithing techniques from fusing glass on metal, to learning how to use recycled materials to create pendants or keychains. They will also be learning how to manipulate metal with hammers and a torch to create hooks or their own jewelry stand! Depending on the project, students will be given a day or two to create their piece from design to finish. We will also take a few trips outside of the studio to tour different creative spaces in Poblenou where people are creating jewelry and other amazing metal objects.

MONDAY: Stamped copper or brass bracelets

TUESDAY: Shrinky Dink and stamping of aluminum can keychains

WEDNESDAY: Trip to Artesi Jewelry Studio (morning), beach picnic and time to swim

THURSDAY: Visit to the Florentine Knife (Morning), after lunch half the group glaze and the other half weld, shape and twist.

FRIDAY: Swap - half the group glazes and the other half welds, forms and twists.


Stephanie Voegele is an American (USA) born jeweler and educator currently living in Barcelona, Spain. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Metalsmithing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2006 and received her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia in 2010. Prior to her moving to Spain with her husband and cats in 2017, she worked for 5 years as a professor teaching both in the Jewelry and Metalsmithing Area and First Year Program at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Prior to her position at UWM she taught Jewelry and Metalsmithing at Universities in California and Georgia, and Virgina (USA).  Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Stephanie's current studio is located at Transfolab in the Poblenou neighborhood where she teaches jewelry workshops for all ages, creates custom work and does repairs. 

Rodrigo 1.jpeg
Rodrigo 2.jpeg

24 -28.07.2023

El petit fuster

We propose a week full of wood and creativity, perfect for little carpentry lovers. We will learn everything a carpenter needs to know to be able to work with wood, we will build fun objects, we will visit a cabinetmaker's workshop and we will get to know all the necessary tools. In addition, we will use colors and learn about how to finish our creations.

MONDAY - We will learn about tools, techniques, joinery materials and their application in general.

TUESDAY - We will understand: cutting, assembling, joining, gluing, nailing, screwing, sanding, polishing. afterwards, we will make toys with different materials.

WEDNESDAY - Through the techniques of carving and sculpting, we will make fun and functional objects. THURSDAY - Decorating in order to please those we care about (parents), we will make a decorative frame, using various materials: starting with wood, different painting techniques and interventions.

FRIDAY - We will make a small visit to local carpenters and creators. Exhibition of the made projects.


Rodrigo Rosario Dalvo - Graduated in fashion design UCAM/Rio de Janeiro, master's degree in graphic design IDEP/Barcelona, ​​and higher degree in carpentry-furniture maker Inst. MMPol/Barcelona, ​​9 years of experience in development, design, manufacturing and installation in different sectors/branches carpentry: furniture maker (custom furniture), carpentry (doors, windows, natural floors, light framework), nautical carpentry (boat repair and maintenance, caulking), ephemeral carpentry (decoration for museums), digital manufacturing (Alpha CAM and Format4 numerical control operator, laser cutter, teaching design software). Working for companies and in parallel developing his professional-personal projects in his two firms Wooden & Craft It, and Futura Surfboards. He is currently part of the TransfoLAB BCN team.

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