Workshops and courses for children
STEM for little makers (age 6 - 9)

Starting from October 2020

Get your child immersed into the world of shapes, colours and architecture trough upcycling and making.



  • experimenting and working with different discarded materials and objects (upcycling/ making)

  • primary and secondary colours and basic/complex geometric shapes (geometry/ colours)

  • shapes and architecture, building elements and how to combine them (architecture)


Part 1: Colours, shapes & geometry

- The students will learn and experiment with colours, discover geometry and shapes, and finally mix and match both in an interactive game.


Part 2: Materials, making & upcycling

- We will start with the different types of materials, how to upcycle and recycle, what are composites and how to make them, 3D printing and how it works. In the end each one will produce their own geometric blocks.


Part 3: Architecture, buildings and cities

- In this last part the children will experiment with basics of architecture and build their own architectural creations, that will further on evolve into different kind of settlements with the help of our Library of Material.

Number of participants: min 5/ max 7

Last date to apply: 20.09.2020

Instructors: TransfoLAB BCN

60 €/month

Every Tuesday at 17:00

Young makers (age 9 - 12)

Starting from October 2020

A great starting course for becoming a young maker. The students will build their own maker equipment, followed by the creation of some basic products from reclaimed wood.



  • Woodworking

  • Reading technical drawings and assembling

  • CNC and laser cutting

  • Upcycling and reuse of reclaimed wood

  • Custom making of objects


Part 1: Tools for a maker

- During this part the students will learn what a maker needs: skills, tools and equipment. And then they will spend the next sessions building their own set of hand tools and a toolbox.


Part 2: Making the first creations 

- During this part the students will put their skills and tools in practice by making simple products from reclaimed wood (for example: chopping board, three legged seats, simple shelves). We will also cover other forms of transforming wood, CNC and laser cutting.


Part 3: Custom design and making 

- During this last part the students will learn how to design and make their own creation through transformation and upcycling.

Number of participants: min 6/ max 8

Last date to apply: 20.09.2020

Instructors: TransfoLAB BCN

60 €/month

Every Thursday at 17:00

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