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Soldering Workshop.jpg
Introduction to Autogenous Welding

Introductory course in autogenous welding. Students will learn the basics of how to use the blowtorch and how to weld a variety of metals together such as brass, copper, and steel.


Date: to be announced 

Maximum of 3 people / min 2

Last date of registration: 2 days before the start of the course

Price: 90 euros material included

Language: Catalan

Directed by Rogeli Rull

"Special discount if you take two courses"

Forge Workshop.jpg
Introduction to metal forging

Students will learn about the different tools used for forging while also learning the different grades and colors of iron to be able to forge. Each student will then create iron points and curls with the use of the anvil. 


Date: to be announced

Max 3 people / min 2

Last registration date: 2 days before the start of the course

Price: 90 euro

Language: Spanish

Directed by Rogelio Rull

"Special discount if two courses are taken"

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