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TransfoAcademy is an informal educational program developed by TransfoLAB BCN that offers customised workshops, capacity building, courses, training and lectures for institutions (schools, universities), citizens (children, youth, and adults in retraining/life-long learning) and corporations, through design, transformation, circular economy and creative reuse/repurposing. We offer extracurricular education and support for projects by young professionals and students.

Our educational program for individuals and businesses focuses on ecodesign, circular economy, creative recycling, woodworking with reuse, prototyping, etc.

Courses and workshops

We offer informal training through our regular program of courses and workshops aimed at the general public for all ages. So far we have conducted training in the following fields: carpentry, blacksmithing, forging, creative reuse and object manufacturing (lamps from discarded bicycle parts, candle holders from recovered pallets), jewellery made from recycled materials, mosaics with recycled glass, marbeling with natural dyes, etc. The workshops are carried out by our own instructors or in collaboration with TransfoLAB BCN partners.

Projects and workshops

With our tailor made workshops we work with organisations and institutions based on their needs and requirements. We educate, build capacity and design solutions for society through circular economy, creative reuse and repurposing, new models of entrepreneurship and collaborative design/fabrication.

Educational Institutions 
Society and communities