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Our annual TransfoResidencies program promotes, on the one hand, research in the field of architecture and design through waste management, recycling, circular economy and creative reuse; and on the other, it promotes new models of production and self-employment in order to reinforce the social and solidarity economy of our context. To date, TransfoLAB BCN has received residents from the UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, IED (European Institute of Design) Barcelona, Kingston University London and the University of Bristol, among others.

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Our Residents
Ksenija Komazec

Ksenija is an industrial designer from Sweden passionate about creating, building, organizing and cleaning. In her free time she is building a Tiny house with the collective FLIKS ( 


Currently she is doing her residency at TransfoLAB BCN where she is investigating and designing the process flow and layout for a prototype Library of Reclaimed Materials.

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Calum Pheby

During his internship at TransfoLAB BCN, Calum designed, experimented and executed independently the Coffeecup Challenge workshop which was presented at:

- MakerFaire Bilbao 2018 – awarded Maker of merit

- MAKE SMTHNG Week organised by GreenPeace

- Poblenou Open Night 2018

Marley Wellings

During his internship at TransfoLAB BCN Marley designed and produced various seats, stools and tables from offs-cuts and waste. 

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Diomaris Cuevas Cabrera

Diomariz reserached on how to perform marbling on reclaimed wood with food colouring, spices and nut milks.

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