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TransfoLAB BCN, a Center for Trash Investigation

Since 2015, our main objective is to offer a physical space to the creative ecosystem of Barcelona, ​​focused on design, innovation, production, and experimentation with waste, the circular economy and environmental sustainability. We connect the community of makers, designers, architects, artists, students, DIY amateurs and creative enthusiasts, with the general public, an effort that results into the creation of job opportunities, the promotion of local commerce and the circular economy. We offer resources and support throughout the life cycle of projects, from conception, planning, manufacturing and promotion. TransfoLAB BCN is located in the most innovative 22@ District in the Poblenou neighbourhood, a few steps from the L4 metro line.

Secondary, we aim to create a link between the social and the circular economy. We continuously seek to promote the reuse and recovery of objects/materials, optimising the value of resources and improving the quality of life in our community. We promote new models of entrepreneurship and sustainable consumption, as necessary tools to strengthen the local economy.

Our third objective is the awareness and education of citizens and societies about the circular economy, the sustainable use of resources, local production, self-sufficiency, etc.

Finally, as a last objective (but not least) we want to create a space for dialogue to strengthen the culture of sustainability for citizens. We want to address very relevant issues of our time, such as climate change, the circular economy, sustainable design, good practices in the use of resources and the reduction of waste, self-sufficiency and beneficial models for the environment that help reduce socioeconomic inequality. We are working on building a network of creators, researchers and organisations that will contribute towards the creation of synergies, collaborations and alliances in the future.

Areas of expertise

Seek the application of circularity in design, architecture, urban planning, production and making.

The future of making

Research innovative production models and offer informal and life-long training programs for the society.  

Materials Innovation

Explore new material sources, applications and production models. 

Members of
Barcelona Sostenible.jpg
The Team
Nada Tozija

Sustainable Design and Circularity Co-founder


Maker and Sustainable Fabrication Expert


International Projects

Faku Uzal

Sustainable Fabrication


Penny Papachristodoulou

Project Management

Sustainable Fashion

Stephanie Voegele 

Events and Activities Coordinator

Educator and Maker

Martijn Blankenspoor

Workshop Coordinator


Neda Tozija

International projects


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