In 2011 we organized the first edition of our Trash Investigation Series, co-creation events where we invite professionals, groups and students to address a particular waste problem and provide answers from a design perspective. The next event is scheduled for May 2021 (if the current pandemic allows).

TransfoLAB BCN regularly takes part in different events and fairs, such as: Maker Faire Barcelona, Dutch Design Week, Design Week Barcelona, REHOGAR, Tallers Oberts, Pecha Kucha Barcelona and Valencia, Matins Maker, Poblenou Open Day and Night etc.

Trash Investigation Series


The Trash Investigation Series is a two day celebration of upcycling, recycling, creative reuse and all other design methods that make our planet a cleaner and nicer place to live in.



Trash Talks is envisioned as a series of talks, panels, exhibitions and video projections focused on the waste problem. Each session will be addressing a specific problem or topic, and will be led by professionals from the specific field.

Happening at TransfoLAB BCN
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Guided tour with a showroom of objects manufactured in TransfoLAB BCN.
Parallel activities and guests:

- Click Recycle POP Up Rastos: give away, instead of throwing, your items, or take items you need for free to give them a second life. (in collaboration with Clic Recycle -

- Community sculpture - Lets create a sculpture from recovered objects together inspired by the theme of the International Day of Living Together in Peace (the waste will already be cleaned up) - (organized by Jane Anderson)

- Tiny house installation - we invite visitors to reflect and answer some questions about housing and habits: What does a house mean? What does it mean to cook? Or go to the bathroom? (in collaboration with the FLIKS collective from Sweden -

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