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Trash Talks is envisioned as a series of talks, panels, exhibitions and video projections focused on the waste problem. Each session will be addressing a specific problem or topic, and will be led by professionals from the specific field.

24 November 2022, 19:00 - TrashTalks Revalora tus residuos - The first edition of TrashTalks, is a night in which talks and video projection are planned focused on sustainable manufacturing, circular economy and entrepreneurship.

19:00 - Presentation of the project and welcome by Nada Tozija from TransfoLAB BCN

19:15 - Waste warehouse by Lichen

Lichen, a Social Innovation Laboratory where we design and implement open processes of citizen participation and engagement in different areas, collaborating with private and public organisations and communities, mainly in Europe and Latin America;

19:45 - Plàstic Preciós Bcn

Plàstic Preciós Bcn educates based on environmental awareness and the transformation of plastic waste. In this talk we would like to talk about our awareness activities that we have done so far in Barcelona, ​​we will also talk about some of the projects that the colleagues of Plàstic Preciós la Safor have in hand.

20:15 - Spin Me (stop-motion short film and presentation) by Lars and Ellie

Lars, a maker by heart and by trade, I believe that bringing a community together through imagination and craft is the key to the future! I am from the UK but happily settled in Barcelona with my partner Ellie and dog Pepe.
Ellie, a 2D animator and storyboard artist who mainly focuses on creating entertaining and educating content for a young audience. I believe in the power of animation as the perfect medium to engage with children and young adults and teach them important lessons.

20:45 - Drinks & Networking