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Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

Currently, the board of directors of TransfoLAB has a ratio of 33.3/66.6 between men and women, while the percentage of female users of the establishment fluctuates over time. TransfoLAB BCN provides access to a sector of professional activity, traditionally considered male, without gender discrimination, and offers everyone the resources and support to develop their work activity on equal levels. The activities encourage non-discrimination in the following ways:

  • Diversity of identities is respected. No participant shall feel rejected because of their identity due to their sexual orientation, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, or age. These elements are not taken in consideration in any way at TransfoLAB BCN, neither positively nor negatively.

  • TransfoLAB BCN promotes gender equity as a common value, which is reflected in the non-distinction of gender pay.

  • TransfoLAB BCN has selects personnel, only based on their professional qualifications, regardless of their sex, creed, nationality, and ethnicity.

  • TransfoLAB BCN’s communication and dissemination focuses on a gender-neutral, inclusive language that we hope will ensure the audiences that TransfoLAB BCN is a safe, open, and inclusive environment for all.


To date, 26 women have had the opportunity to carry out their professional activity at the TransfoLAB BCN facilities, while 6 have been able to strengthen their work experience through our residency program.

The organisation promotes work-family reconciliation to all workers by applying, among other things, telework options as a common practice and integrated into TransfoLAB’s work system. The inclusive policies that are implemented in the internal management of the structure are reflected in the projects created that cover the concept of social, economic, and environmental sustainability, therefore, based on the inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds. 

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