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Trash Investigation Series

The Trash Investigation Series is a two day celebration of upcycling, recycling, creative reuse and all other design methods that make our planet a cleaner and nicer place to live in. They are co-creation events where we invite professionals, creative groups and students to tackle a particular waste problem and give answers from a design perspective.

With Trashkitchens we showed that kitchens can be made from waste, during Trashcars our participants transformed discarded cars into awesome installations, in Trashboarding temporary habitations were made entirely out of cardboard, while in Redesigned Pop-Up the challenge was to create mobile pop-up installations for the public space made entirely out of waste

ReFab Electronics was the 5th edition of the Trash Investigation Series and was dedicated to creative recycling from electronic waste.

Trash Investigation Series in the past
redesigned pop-up final.png
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