Usefull spaces created out of cardboard!

The Trash Investigation Series is back. This year we decided to host five teams that “trash” cardboard into temporary habitations or as we called it “Trashboarding”. The event took place at the end of June, beginning of July at the recently opened co-working space Betahaus Barcelona and once again was part of the BCN Design Festival.


Trashboarding had the pleasure to receive the German studio Peppermint Products that created an ingenious temporary indoor library that can also be used as a quiet space or a place to rest, Retrain de Rubcn turned discarded cardboard tubes into a amazing hanging structure that can seat two and offer a place to chill, while CartonLAB impressed with their tentlike observatory, offering different points of view to the visitors. Finally Escola Massana, our invited school of design surprised us with the incredible cardboard tube mats, that could be transformed to a simple bed, then twist onto a shade, in order to be finally converted into a hanging hammock.


We had a great response and public interest, with direct media coverage from the online magazines MAKA BCN, Diario Design, Trashforming, The Metod Case and Sin Freno, as well as, thousands of shares and likes on the social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and more than 100 visitors present during the whole event. The event was sponsored by Estrella Damm, Pack In Tube and Cartonajes Font and supported by Barcelona pel Medi Ambient.


Photography by Faku Uzal Photography (

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Trashboarding o cómo crear espacios
de cartón
Creativity with cardboard: Retrain
participated in Trashboarding 2013
Trashboarding en
Barcelona Design Festival
Usefull spaces created out of
cardboard! Last event from Transfo Design
Ojo de arquitecta en
Trahsboarding 2013
Fin de semana Trashboarding
Sueños en cartón. Trashboarding:
Diseñando una habitación de papel
Trashboarding, un nuevo evento
de Transfodesign en el Barcelona Design Festival, a partir del 29 de junio
Este verano tienes cosas que hacer:
TrashBoarding: Creatividad en Cartón
29 y 30 Junio. 2 de julio. Barcelona
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