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RAVALoritza is one of the winning projects of the "ciutat proactiva 2022", a call for aid for urban innovation from the BIT habitat Foundation. It is a project of participatory design and co-creation of furniture for the space of the youth group of the Casal dels Infants del Raval in collaboration with Raons Públiques, experts in facilitation of participatory processes and transformation of urban environments.

With the participatory process, and based on the principles of the circular economy, the project aims to meet the needs and find solutions regarding the furniture of the center and also contribute to the empowerment of young people in a situation of vulnerability. Young people have an active role in all stages with the aim of promoting decision-making, personal and professional development and technical training in different fields. During the process, mapping of resources will be carried out at the local level, committed to reducing the environmental impact with the use of recycled materials and Km0.

Finally, the last objective is the creation of an open source database that will host the entire participatory process and the deliverables generated so that the resulting project serves as a pilot program applicable in other contexts, institutes and educational spaces.

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