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Revalue your waste

Convocatoria general 2022

The campaign “Revalue your waste” was a series of activities transferred in activities focused on awareness creation and education. The project began in mid-September and ended in November, coinciding with the European Waste Prevention Week (EWPW). During these 3 months, citizens had the possibility to actively participate in the proposed sessions or visit the campaign events. The awareness campaign consisted of three types of activities:

- Education Sessions - courses and workshops given by members and collaborators of TransfoLAB BCN in different fields related to the problem of waste. During the project 13 educational classes were held, providing education and skills to 54 participants. We supported 9 unemployed persons and students, which were able to attend a class they needed for free.
- Fabrication Sessions - During these sessions, registered people had at their disposal TransfoLAB BCN's own resources (access to the workshop area and use of shared tools), as well as technical and creative assistance from our instructors. Each session lasted 4 hours and were designed to enable the beneficiaries to carry out micro-projects that consist of manufacturing, repair, reuse, transformation, etc., using mostly discarded or damaged material and objects. We offered 15 fabrication sessions, enabling 58 persons to create their micro projects. We supported 11 unemployed persons and students that could attend one fabrication session for free.
- Closing event - We closed the campaign during the European Week for Waste Prevention (SEPR), with the following activities:
24-26 November 2022 - Exhibition Revalora tus residuos - with all the micro-projects made during the fabrication sessions. Participants could choose between presenting the physical object or a visual presentation (images or video). Likewise, some works of the regular members of the centre, linked to the campaign, were presented.
24 November 2022, 19:00 - TrashTalks – We launched the first edition of TrashTalks, which is conceived as a night in which talks and video projections a presented focused on sustainable fabrication, circular economy and entrepreneurship. This TrashTalk was focusing on the waste problem and how local organizations and individuals tackle it. We had the pleasure to host: Lichen -Laboratorio de Innovación Social, Plàstic Preciós Bcn, and Lars & Ellie with their short stop-motion movie Spin me (Girar me).

The campaign was supported by the Ajuntament de Barcelona.

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