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From Cradle to Maker

Date: 5th February 2021 to 12th March 2021​

Place: TransfoLAB BCN, Barcelona

Partners: the school “La Llacuna del Poblenou”

Theoretical and practical education for the students at the school “La Llacuna del Poblenou” on the concepts of upcycling, circular economy, creative and design process, materials and making. The program served as an introduction to the Andromines space (the school is based on the free learning methodology and this space is one of the several options offered within the learning program). We held one session for each class, covering the students from the first to the third grade in primary school. Each session consisted of two parts: a guided visit with a theoretical lecture and a practical workshop. During the guided visit, the students had the chance to see all the spaces of TransfoLAB BCN, meet some of the makers/creatives working in the hub and see some of their work. Then we held a short lecture during which we introduced to the concepts of upcycling, circular economy and making, presented insights into on the creative process when designing, and gave guidelines on how to select, work with and optimally use different materials, and how to combine them properly. The practical workshop gave the students an opportunity to design and create an object from a specific type of discarded materials and put in practice the knowledge from the visit and the lecture. 

With the support of the European Commission through the CreativeFLIP project.

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