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Maria Carelli
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Have you heard about biomaterials and bioplastics, and would you like to know more? Do you want to learn how to make them? Do you want to work with sustainable materials? Did you know that you could replace the use of plastics and leather with 100% biodegradable alternatives?

This is an introductory workshop to biomaterials. To introduce ourselves to the topic, we will comment on some fundamental aspects to understand the urgent need for sustainable production: contextualization, linear economy vs. circular economy, definitions of biomaterials and bioplastic. We will talk about the uses and applications of biomaterials in different fields. I will show you inspiring examples of the use of bioplastics. Uses in industry. Biomaterials and technology.


We will manufacture biomaterials. You will learn processes from gelling agents and starches. I will provide you with different recipes using gelatin, starch and sodium alginate and their possible variations. You will learn about the binders, fillers, and other ingredients necessary to produce biomaterials. You will learn the work processes. You will develop your own samples. We will work with organic waste as loads.

The samples must remain drying for approximately a week in the workshop so that they don´t get damaged, and they can be removed after that time. If you prefer that, once dry, we send them to you by mail, the shipping cost is separate.

Date:  10.02.2024 from 10am to 2pm

Number of participants: min 4 / max 8 

Last registration date: 2 days before the start of the course 

Instructors: Maria Carelli

Languages: Spanish

Age: Adults


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