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Apartment at Marques de Barbera

Client: Casc Antic

2014 / Barcelona

This is our second project for the real-estate agency Casc Antic. We were tasked with the design and furniture production for one of their small lofts (26m2) in the center of the neighbourhood Raval in Barcelona. As base line materials for this project we have chosen steel elements (fully recyclable and reusable), reclaimed wood used in construction and salvaged steel pipes and scaffolding structures. Given the limited space available, we created a steel structure that serves at the same time as a platform for the bed, utility storage space and closet. To enhance the functionality of the closet we created a custom made transportable wooden clothes cart, that features two large drawers and shelves. The reclaimed wooden window shutters, used as doors for the utility and the closet, add a nice contrast and natural feel to the rusted steel structure.
The kitchenette is small, but functional, and is a playful combination of materials, colours and textures! To wrap up the functionality of the space we created a high table, that can dub as a cooking bench, and a hanging multi-functional kitchen rack. Finally, for the bathroom we combined new (steel elements, faucet elements) and old (sink) to add an industrial vintage look to it.

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