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Apartment at Rambla de Raval

Client: Casc Antic

2014 / Barcelona

We were hired by the real-estate agency Casc Antic to #design and #produce the furniture for one of their apartments. To meet the modern industrial look they asked for, we "transfodesigned" reclaimed wood, discarded lamps and objects and old steel pipes.
Consequently we combined an old wooden tripod and a theatre spot light to create an industrial looking lamp, reused old pipes to create a double bed for the bedroom, and reclaimed construction wood and pallets to create the kitchen elements, the tables and the rest of the wooden furniture. Even the bathroom was furnished with a custom made sink from metal sheets making it fully recyclable and reusable.
The combination of wood and metal gives this apartment a warm industrial look that sets the mood for a comfortable space to live in. Once again we have contributed towards one more happy customer and a little less trash on the planet.

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