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Furniture for Ibis@22 Barcelona

Client: INNOCAD y AccorHotels

2018/ Barcelona

For this project we designed, produced and sourced a communal table with lights and seats for the lobby at Ibis@22 Barcelona. The communal table is build with reused materials and is fully recyclable. For the structure we use reclaimed scaffolding structure, connected with the original scaffolding fittings, and painted in black. For the top we use strips of reclaimed wood (pine, cedar, oak, walnut, birch) which gives a dynamic texture and tones to the table. The wood is polished with natural oils and waxes. To meet the request that the table should rotate, we fitted five of the six legs with strong wheels with brakes, while the sixth leg is fixed on the floor, and serves as a rotating axis. The structure of the table extends above the table where we placed the three industrial vintage hanging lamps. This way the light moves with the table. We matched the table with three of our signature Wiery seats, as well as original vintage designs. The result was a very satisfied customer: "Hi Neda, Yesterday I saw your table at the Ibis. Looks great – and guests love it. Thank you. Patrick"

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