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Stand Design Mobile World Congress 2015

Client: Upstream

2015 / Barcelona

We love challenging projects that we have never done before. So when the Head of Marketing at Upstream asked if we can do a stand for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, we accepted the challenge immediately. Upstream's hospitality suite was surrounded by much larger and brighter stands, so we decided to make something completely different to attract the attention of the passersby and impress the company's guests. We mixed vintage lamps with contemporary designer's chairs, combined reused wood with brand new materials, played the surrounding light with dark color. And then added unique custom made upcycled tables and seats to complete the funcionality of the stand. The result was a stand that "raised the eyebrows of the visitors at Hall 2", as Upstream posted on Linkedin just as the MWC started. Winner of the MWC Green Stand Award.

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